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  When both men and women are ever asked about their real sexual fantasies, you’ll find that very few fantasies are uncommon. Many leading studies on the very question of what makes us get a bit sweaty in our palms can be of equally strong sexual preferences. While men and women both fantasize about domination […]
Arcana Electro Vibe Wand
SEX TOY AND EQUIPMENT-THE AMAZING ARCANA ELECTRO VIBE WAND Let us discover the Arcana Electro Vibe Wand from Zeus. Sexual toys and equipment have become increasingly acceptable by many people of diverse backgrounds. The past notion of associating  sex toys as taboo is long gone for most and more and more people are openly embracing them […]
electronic sexual stimulation
A beginner’s guide to electronic sexual stimulation & Electrastim Power Units Electronic sexual stimulation is a popular trend in erotic toys. For those who have not tried them yet may have some misconceptions about electronic erotic stimulation and one of the biggest misconceptions is the fear of being electrocuted. Electro sex or erotic electro stimulation […]
Zeus Electrosex If you are looking for a way to enhance your sexual pleasure and reveal your wild side, Zeus Electrosex toys and devices can help. Zeus Electrosex has a stream of toys and devices that individuals, couples, and more participants can use to maximize the amount of pleasure they experience. Shop for all of […]
what is electrosex
What is Electrosex? Exploring erotic electrostimulation   So let us describe exactly what is Electrosex, it  is the abbreviation for electrostimulation. This is a human sexual experience or practice that involves the use of electrical stimulation to the body particularly emphasizing on the genitals. Here you’ll require a power source such as Violet Wand, VEMS, […]
The Electrasim Senasvox Kit – The Power unit with attitude. Electrastim Sensavox Kit is said to deliver amazing stimulation by the way of sending pulses that are electronic through any electronic sex toy that you connect to the unit. This elite electrosex unit provides you greatest command over your kinky electro play. Attach two electro sex […]