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buying lingerie

 Buying Lingerie – Why is it so sexy?

buying lingerie

Buying lingerie is essential attire for a sexy confident you. What is it about lingerie that often drives guys mad? It’s just underwear right? Wrong. Lingerie is the perfect tool to look incredibly sexy and provocative at the same time. But how does it work?

The simplest theory is that it highlights all the best areas or points to the quickest access route which is how most guys brains are hardwired. But is it as simple as that? There must be more to it. So let’s try and see what is going on with what is going on your skin.

buying lingerie

Buying lingerie – The Feel Good Factor

First of all, and possibly the first over looked fact, is that lingerie makes the gals feel special. It gives them an abundance of confidence and adds a swagger as opposed to that awkward undressing stage if you don’t particularly love your body, and this is ridiculously important. Guys notice.

Guys notice when a girl is self-assured and confident but more than just liking a strong-woman look, guys notice when a girl as happy and not nervous. A nervous girl normally makes the basic type of guy worry that he’s doing something wrong. A happy and relaxed girl who is smiling,  Always looks more attractive. Not just prettier but her inner beauty shines out when she is relaxed and smiling.

I have it on good authority that a woman’s face can be transformed by smiling. A real smile on the face of a girl is natural looking but self-admittedly may not be a stunner still has more power in that smile than any pouting catwalk beanpole. Like I said, this is straight from a reliable source.

A girl should never underestimate the power of her inner beauty and how alluring it is when she is happy. Lingerie can almost instantly bring out this feeling and for that reason should be a wardrobe essential. The naughtiness or extra functions of modern day lingerie can add plenty of extra erotic quality, but well-chosen lingerie can transform almost all types of the female form, whether you a busty girl or have killer legs lingerie has it covered.

 buying lingerie

Buying lingerie – Lust or Bust

The second point is that, yes it does transform a girl’s body, but it can do it without having to use such an obvious wow factor. Take well fitting bras for example. Most people would agree it’s about trying to make your boobs as big as possible so corset and bustiers have the workload there, but this could slightly be missing the point. Yes most men love boobs but that doesn’t mean just the biggest. The shape and way a bust can fit its holder can be made to look so many different ways with different fitting underwear.

Peekaboo type lingerie aside the bra is more than merely needed for just a push up job and so many younger girls go way over the top trying to get the most form their push up bra. So much so that you can sometimes see the boob bulge appearing at the side of the torso and many men may be happy to admit that they find this more unattractive than the merits of the battle in front. This side bulge is an interesting point because it indicates a boob may be less perky and more malleable. Bras should therefore be fitting well enough to keep the weight going forward at least.

The pushing together of the boobs at the front is what gives the overall fantasy appeal of the cleavage, the age old pinnacle for some. No matter how where or what you are wearing on the outside, cleavage always gets noticed. But although infuriating for the lesser endowed women, cleavage can become a disappointment once undressing. The full scale of the fraud can be deflating for all concerned. It is far better to have the perfectly sexy lingerie underneath for the sexy time of the evening when the disappointment will be replaced with all out lust. And here’s where to win the battleground. By getting the cupping and forward weight mathematics just right the cleavage becomes more than the mesmerizing boob squashing in the middle but now your guy is shown the whole of the neckline and straps now add to further distraction.

As the breasts are raised and supported from underneath, which is important, they take on the fuller more pronounced appearance around the top of the boob and drawing that sexy seductive outward curve as the skin plummets down from the neck. This also has the effect of accentuating the shoulder bones which all adds to the allure of the skin tone. The shoulder/cleavage/neckline is a sweet battleground you can easily win with even the simplest of lingerie. A masterpiece waiting to be painted.

buying lingerie

Buying Lingerie – Body of Evidence

The skin tone is also important and can be complimented easily by the right lingerie. Normally black is going to look better with darker skin and white with paler tones but lacy or black and white bodices change the rules of the game no problem.  Lacy lingerie can do two things at the same time. It can be used as cover if you don’t like your skin tone and or want cover up any moles or blemishes you prefer to conceal and it can be used provocatively as the see through screen to increase the ‘come on’ style invitation.

Lacy can be used to look sexy or elegant and sophisticated but when used for the torso it can be used as a devilish disguise. Exuding that totally feminine dainty looked when used for thongs and girls cut down boxers floral lace always looks exquisite no matter what your also wearing , if anything else at all at this point.

Lacy can also be used in devastating fashion when combined with fishnets or fence net body stockings. Here the intricate patterns are twisted and cajoled around a sexy body just wanting to be explored. Most come with crotch less designs that leave little to the imagination. If you have those pins to die for then you probably know how to wear a good stocking so suspenders and panties are your favourite thing.

Legs can make the simplest stockings and hoes look good and fishnets are a perfect choice in your pins can knock ‘em dead. Suspenders, garter belts and tiny panties or perfect accessories to have the looking up to see where they go. Body stockings and waist stockings can be turned into head turners with pretty box and lacing in all the right areas to add to the charm. But if you don’t feel your legs can be such attention grabbers then the lacy and see through bodices and ample for getting the right attention with and all over ambience. Baby doll negligees and teddies can be a girl’s best friend and hold it all together while playing hold on their fellah not just yet! Combinations don’t always work as for most guys it may look too complicated of just be plain over kill. Find the style that suits your body type the best and use the designer’s skills to add fullness or contour to your curves. Horizontal hoops help widen bust lines and long slender stripes make the appeal a thinner affair.

buying lingerie

There are more serious sets to adorn yourself in from dressing up as a dominatrix to all out BDSM play suits. Here it’s not about considering your body as much as considering pleasure both giving and taking so if you can’t find the lacy teddy you like or just don’t feel sexy enough in lingerie then go the whole hog and convert to the serious pleasure seekers.

Starting out a sexy nurses or school girls can be a beginning but just think of all the rubber and latex and soon you’ll want nipple clamps and foot fetish kits. Bondage has never been so popular and can be easily experienced at a beginner’s level and you will love this form of lingerie.

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