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We delve into why you should buy the new LELO Mia 2 for your ultimate discreet pleasure. Lelo is a world famous designer of pleasure devices for adults. Originating from Sweden, the brand that became LELO commenced in 2003, in one of the front rooms of a townhouse in Stockholm. From the front room, it was there that three designers joined forces with the principle of bringing luxury into the bedroom.

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It was a mindset and and an idea that reshaped and transcended the whole adult toy industry. From a simple question that was asked:

What if our most intimate items were made as beautiful as the ones we displayed with the most pride?


But before you buy LELO Mia 2, let us give you some more reasons to buy.

Enjoyed by Millions of satisfied ladies, the LELO Mia 2 is for women who are not afraid to have a little indulgence when it comes to their deepest desires. MIA™ 2 is designed to allow you to be spontaneous, with discretion wherever you happen to go.


LELO’S’s MIA™ 2 offers you the ultimate way to hide your pleasures and keep them to yourself. With the USB-rechargeable MIA™ 2 pleasure massager has hidden power and will look perfect at home in your purse or bedside cabinet drawer.

Key features:
– With the Lipstick-style designed for secrecy and discretion.
– The perfectly disguised body of MIA™ 2 will allow you to remain confident in your own pleasure.
– The tip of the vibe is sculpted for accurate pleasure in the right place.

– The shape of the MIA2 has been specifically crafted to target your clitoris for fast, intense climaxes.
– USB-Rechargeable for a more powerful device rather then the need for searching for batteries.

What’s included:
– MIA™ 2 Lipstick Massager
– Storage Pouch in Satin

– Detailed Instruction Manual
– Warranty Registration Card


The MIA 2 is an amazing new model of LELO’s iconic USB-rechargeable vibe designed to look like a lipstick. Now this great little device is fully waterproof with 100% more vibration strength than previously. MIA 2 gives you a simple control of 6 thrilling vibration patterns. Find the vibration that sets you off.

With an Easy charging unit via USB allows for a full 1.5 hours of continuous use. As you will see the the sleek design allows for ready action in just a moment’s notice.


ABS Plastic, Silicone.

buy Lelo Mia 2

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