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Bondage Restraints – We Love the Spreader Bar!

It’s perhaps fair to say that there has been a degree of stigma surrounding the act of bondage, and the use of bondage toys, for many years, as far as the attitude of the general public is concerned, but recently it seems that we are observing a shift in regards to the viewpoint of the populace, as more and more people are becoming intrigued by the possibilities available in discovering new ways in which they can enjoy intimate experiences with their partners.


Bondage is kinky, thrilling, and sexually arousing – but it can also be very sensual, as it engages – and plays on – our perceptions of sight, touch, sound etc. – it’s a very sensory process. In addition, the use of bondage rope is also an art form; one which encompasses a wide array of different ties and restraints for varying sexual practices – and if you have ever wanted to experiment a smidgen and try a little light bondage – or take your play to a whole new level – then experiencing the joys of a spreader bar is must!

The spreader bar is a very popular type of bondage apparatus; also known as the bondage bar, it is used to hold a person’s legs or arms apart. They are made from various varieties of material, and often have built-in attachments or cuffs, so that wrists, ankles, arms or legs can be spread the width of the bar. Depending on just how much restriction is required, you can find spreader bars made from heavy duty metal and leather, as well as versions manufactured from lighter materials, such as bamboo and rope.

The kind of restraint provided is designed for sexual submission – it allows your partner free physical and visual access, and so therefore is highly versatile, lending itself as it does to opportunities for numerous different sex positions, including suspended ones.


The use of a pair of these bars would necessitate your partner assuming a spread-eagled position, thereby making for a visually enticing and erotic experience for the dominant partner – and engendering a state of arousal for the submissive, as they await their partner’s next move with a heightened sense of vulnerability. Incorporating the use of other devices such ball gags can really take the restraint and submission to whole new levels.


As with all BDSM activities, an element of care must be taken when using spreader bars, as their use can sometimes cause pulled muscles, if the wearer’s legs are spread too far apart, as well as exerting a degree of pressure on the thighs and hips, which can lead to injury during sexual intercourse.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the reasons why the spreader bar is enjoying such a wave of popularity at the moment:


As mentioned above, its ability to provide an optimum number of differing positions is a factor, of course, but it also must be mentioned that it helps you to maintain these positions for longer, so you can leave yourself open to a wide array of stimulation, tease and torment!


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