Best Male Sex Toys

best male sex toys


Modern relationships have gone a step further to introduce a third party to bed. Learn about best male sex toys.

Sex is pleasurable but it gets more pleasurable with sex toys. Nothing feels better than coming out of a very top notch sexual experience or moment with your partner. Sex toys have been used for a long time. They are of diverse kinds and offer varied experiences. The evolution of sex toys has seen the scene take more flexible terms for a healthy sex life. We have purely male sex toys, purely female, unisex toys and marital aids. All these will enhance the sexual experience even if used in a solo way.

Male sex toys offer a number of benefits. We have those designed to help with male erection. Both offer maximum satisfaction to stimulate the man for an explosive sexual activity. We shall have a look at a few male sexual toys.


The ring has been in use for a long time now. The ring is a male sex toy that is used by many men to help them maintain maximum erection once they have attained one. It is fixed at the very base of the penis to prevent back flow of blood thus helping to maintain a solid hard penis. It is easy to use and you do not have to do a thing but clean for maintenance. Great for extended pleasure for both of you. Coming in a magnitude of styles and vibrating also in some models.


Adjustable & Versatile Cock Rings Category

Adjustable & Versatile Cock Rings
Classic Cock Rings Category

Classic Cock Rings
Cock Cages Category

Cock Cages
Cock Ring Trios Category

Cock Ring Trios
Couples Vibrating Cock Rings Category

Couples Vibrating Cock Rings
Double Penetration Cock Rings Category

Double Penetration Cock Rings
Luxury Cock Rings Category

Luxury Cock Rings
Stimulating Cock Rings Category

Stimulating Cock Rings


Sex dolls are a great way to have a man’s imagination ignited to fantasy levels. They are advanced and designed in very erotic ways to offer immediate sexual stimulation to men. They are usually made of soft rubber which feels smooth to a man’s touch. Moreover they have tight sex holes that give that thrilling sexual experience to men and also a complete way to try a threesome adventure if you are really adventurous.

Actually we should add that to our sex to do list.

What ever takes your fancy, there is a sex doll for every occasion.


Anime Category

Barnyard Animals Category

Barnyard Animals
Celebrity & Porn Star Category

Celebrity & Porn Star
Male Category


Transsexual Category

Female Category



It is a devise that a man attaches his penis in and it is connected to a hand pump. Once you pump a vacuum is temporarily created in the pump thus making extra blood to flow to the penis. It is also used by those who want to increase their chances of lengthening their penises, increasing their girths and hardness. We highly rate the bathmate product you can read more about it in our post bathmate hydro pump reviews. This device uses warm water as a mechanism to relax the penis cells and enhance the growth of your penis.

This is the most common male sex toy. It is designed to mimic the female vagina. It has soft sleeves similar to the vagina lips and its interior is designed in a way it offers varied sensations to a penis. However the kind of vibrating masturbators offer further satisfaction.

The leading male masturbators we carry come in all shapes and styles, from your pocket pussy to torsos find them here at our

Male masturbators selection

Sue Johanson’s Super Head Honcho

Our number one selling and considered one of the best males sex toys for self pleasure.

sue johanson's super head honcho


These crafty little eggs are absolutely fantastic and one of our favorites and best male sex toys available. Eggs they are not just for making eggs for breakfast any longer! You will feel and enjoy self pleasure like no other anytime you please with the Tenga eggs. Simply peel away the outer layer of the egg as you would with a hard boiled egg. The crack the shell to give you access to teh “ona-cup”. These masturbating sleeves formed like eggs can offer you a number of differing internal sensations and textures. As they say at Tenga, Different strokes from different yolks!

Have a look at the promotion video from Tenga.

Available in our ever popular Tenga 6 pack
tenga egg 6 pack


Anal Masturbators Category

Anal Masturbators
Blow Job Masturbators Category

Blow Job Masturbators
Breasts & Feet Category

Breasts & Feet
Masturbation Sleeves Category

Masturbation Sleeves
Pocket Pussies Category

Pocket Pussies
Porn Star Masturbators Category

Porn Star Masturbators

Realistic Masturbators Category

Realistic Masturbators

They are designed to increase sensations and lower them to delay ejaculation. The ring can as well be a sensational changer toy. Others like lubricants and gels play the same role also. You should get a hold of water and oil proof bed sheets as an added thrill and used for messy sex events.

For Men Category

For Men

Sex Drinks Category

Sex Drinks

Sex Pills Category

Sex Pills

Was initially used to treat gonorrhea male patients who had difficulties in passing urinating. The sounding device is inserted into the male urethra and the sound vibrations are used to arouse thrilling sensations to a male body. Delaying ejaculation, reaching an orgasm and staying hard for a long time.

Find these very exciting devices in our


While many of the above mentioned toys can be used as a couple we like to think that we have a few more to mention and available for your bedroom pleasure Find our post about sex toys couples.


Sex toys have advantages like elevating sexual pleasure, attaining maximum erection. Sex toys must be guarded with high hygiene to avoid un-necessary health hazards. So be sure to clean your toys after use with a good sanitizer and antibacterial product that can be purchased at our store


Of course the Best Males Sex Toys list needs to include items for anal pleasure. The P-Spot located in the anal region is a pleasure zone similar to the G-Spot of women. Stimulating it creates an amazing feeling and enhanced orgasms. Your toy list will not be complete without some prostate simulators.

We have an amazing array of anal toys for men.



Euphoria Enhanced Male G Spot Stimulator

Euphoria Enhanced Male G Spot Stimulator


Vibrating Anal T- 3.25"

Vibrating Anal T- 3.25″




Dr.joel kaplan perineum massager 4.5in

Dr.joel kaplan perineum massager 4.5in



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