bathmate hydro pump reviews

hydromax clear_x40_showerstrap_combo

The bathmate hydro pump reviews

Just as a warning this is a review about a penis enlargement product. Although the name bathmate tends to conger childhood memories about bath toys for children this article is a look at bathmate hydro pump reviews a device used  to promote the development of penis girth and length. We investigate a product that has shown to be very beneficial for  men who would like to improve their manhood with extra length and girth, while assisting with physical based erectile  dysfunction issues.

If you are unfamiliar with the name bathmate, you will soon understand the UK manufacturer is one of the leading penis pump producers and has a reputation as one of the leading products on the penis enlargement market.

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With a number of different models to choose from, we look specifically at the NEW Bathmate Hydromax range.

The hydromax range is the latest model range which includes Hydromax pumps x30 and Hydromax x40 and uses water to help promote penis growth that has shown to greatly enhance the devices effectiveness. The hydromax range now has 35% more power, for better and faster results.

what size best suits you the hydromax x30 or the hydromax x40

Hydropumps vs the Traditional Style Penis Air Pumps- Which is Better?

The Hydropump penis pump category which the Bathmate Hydromax range falls under, can be utilized when submerged completely in water. While you will find that the more well-known and traditional penis pump has a broad category definition by means of air based penis pumps.

Both types of pumps work by using a vacuum. The vacuum than is used to help promote penis enlargement. Both types of pump have both shown to help in treating Erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease.

A ‘Hydropump’ by definition takes its names since it utilizes water as the element for creating a vacuum. Instead of utilizing air alone which is the traditional air pump concept.

So we have a new product on the market hydromax x30 and hydromax x 40 versus the traditional air pump – What is the difference?

This is a valid question, like many other users of penis pumps, why is it that we prefer a hydopump- or water vacuum system? Why is it that I saw little or no improvement using a traditional air pump? While using a hydropump I was able to gain girth as well as penis length?

They are all valid and smart questions up for consideration. So lets us take a look at why we should be looking at a hydropump vs a traditional air pump. We take a few questions that we had ourselves when we looked at using such a device.

  • Which pump is Easier to Use?
  • Which pump is Safer to use?
  • Which pump is going to give me Fast Results?

Which of the Pumps is More Easier as well as Faster to Use?

You will discover that the first of the major differences between the pumps is the number of hands it takes to actually use. For those that do not know, a traditional pump is designed to be used with a rubber tube, with a cylinder, hand grip and some models may incorporate a gauge to help measure pressure.

Air pumps require two hands to pump, while it takes a few mins for the fitting of the sleeve over the tube. The noticeable advantage of the hydropump device is that will only require one hand to be used and has no parts that move.

The traditional pump requires a great deal more time for setups compared to the hydropumps. You will discover that having the chance to use one hand pump vs two you are able to have a shower fill your pump with water and place the pump against the body a number of times. This is the beginning of your morning pump routine. You use your hydra pump either having a shower or as some guys prefer taking a bath and does not require additional lubes as you are already submerged in water.

Then as you compare the good old traditional pump, this requires two hands in order to stretch the pump sleeve over the tube. Open and then apply lube to your manhood. You then need to wipe your lube off, before taking the air pump hand grip and then the final step hold the air pump on your manhood with a hand then squeeze the grip with the other hand.

Sounds more complicated than it needs to be right?

The biggest thing we noticed is that it does take a lot less time to prepare the enlarging of your penis using the hydro pump. The difference is how much time you spend preparing to enlarge your penis versus how much time you actually spend pumping for growth. The hydropump design saves between three to five minutes, and a lot of frustration.

The clear winner is the hydropump.

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Between the two pumps are they safe?

You need to be mindful there can be an element of risk associated with using a penis pump. There can be some damage caused to the penis if you were to “over pump”. The damage to the penis can be such things as a blood vessel that bursts, potential bruising, or possible water retention.

The method by which you avoid damage to the penis is to ensure there is a control of how strong the vacuum is. You need to be sure that the strength of the vacuum pressure is enough to be effective but not too much that results in injury. The way to avoid any level of injury is to use the gaiters the method employed using hydropumps or the pressure gauge of a traditional pump.

bathmate hydro pump reviews - the method used to messure vacuum pressure on a penis pump

The traditional type air pump is equipped with a gauge that measures the pressure. This is most often found on the hand grip. The gauge works by displaying the strength of the vacuum pressure that is within the tube. Therefore you should be able to measure and be aware of you own specific limits. That is avoid going over these limits in order to avoid damage.

Some air based pumps do not even come with a pressure gauge however the are most common on lower strength pumps that have a rubber squeeze pump. Now the advantage of a bathmate Hydromax which is a hydropump as previously advised is that the are self regulating. That means that the internal vacuum pressure is regulated by design. The bellows are depicted above are compressed against the body working similar to a spring mechanism that expands in a backwards motion only as much as the bellow allows.

The bathmate design has an affixed system or bellow such that the vacuum pressure level is unable to be raised above a specific measurement. As such because bathmate hydro pump reviews are very positive to the fact that because there is a max pressure that can be reached this can be considered significantly safer than a traditional air pump.

You may be familiar with a traditional pump in that it uses the tube to release air from the chamber itself. The danger is that this tube has been known to become dislodged. This can be a frustrating and potentially painful issue in that the pressure must be releases using this tube or an alternative is to pull of the pump with full vacuum. This is highly dangerous.

vacuum-release-button on a tradional pump vs a hydro pump


The bathmate uses a quick release mechanism to release the pressure. Should you have pumped your hydro pump too much or if you find that you are in some level of pain, you can quickly and effectively release all the pressure from the unit and it can easily slide off.

The hydromax units are considered more safe than the traditional air pump as described above.

Using water, how does this affect the pumping effect?

We would suggest from the bathmate hydro pump reviews so far have demonstrated that the bathmate is considerably more effective and safer to use than any traditional penis pump. So next question that we need to answer is what does the water pump actually do?

Hydropumps such as the hydromax range have been designed specifically for use in the bath or shower. Using them in warm to moderately hot water there are advantages associated with water use.

1. You can avoid using the warm up routine that you may have been familiar with a traditional pump. i.e. the hot water on a towel method

2. Having a less forced blood flow to your manhood then results in gains that are easier to achieve.

So the warm-up as you would expect with any other type of exercise, in this instance is normally associated with about 5 minutes of pre work to allow your penis ´to be warmed. With the hydro pumps the warm up is rather to take a hot shower, or bath and allow your penis to be warmed up in accordingly. The hot water then is warming up your manhood and such prevents any injuries. The water is enough to lube your penis which avoids the potential need for a lubricant and associated cleanups.

Now to get the best results you need to ensure that there is a better blood flow to your penis during the exercises. You will certainly get no advantage pumping a penis that is not erect. It simply has little blood flow. Think about this scenario, with a traditional pump you warm up,

The Hydromax hydrovacuum that is created around the penis uses hot water to create a very even as well as a solid vacuum pressure. This allows for more solid and uniform erections compared to traditional air pumps.


The bathmate hydro pump reviews have advised that by using hot water this supports to assist your cells to become more relaxed and allow for expansion whilst you pump. Warm temperatures are better as well as being wet is better also. Do not even attempt to use a traditional pump in water. You will destroy it with soap scum and it can not be cleaned.

We believe there are large advantages using hydro pumps

Hydropumps are great in promoting penile health and improved sexual stamina and pleasure. The hydro pumps boost the girth and length of the size of your male sex organ.


So we have presented some interesting facts for you in regards to hydro pumps. The simple easy to maintain and clean units are advantageous in many facets. Although they are designed to work as enlarging devices. The traditional air pump have a place also if you have a need for countless shapes, a magnitude of color choices and strengths.

While the hydro pump such as the hydromax models are great for guys that use the device for effective size increase and that’s about it.

While air pumps are suitable for those of us who enjoy the pump for fetish based pumping, using it for ball pumping and other such things.

For those who are unaware we have been made aware of a subculture of penis pumpers who enjoy using their traditional pumps in order to create extreme results. Such people use their device in order to get massive fluid retention on their penis or their testicles to the level that penetration is near impossible. Of course few fall in this category, the majority of users are simply after an advantage. In order to help satisfy their confidence or to satisfy their partners needs for a larger sex object.

For this purpose of enlargement then we highly recommend the hydromax range from Bathmate.

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 bathmate x 30

What are my choices when it comes to Bathmate Hydro Pumps?

What is the Price of the Bathmate Hydro pumps?

While not everyone has the budget to go out and buy the Extreme version, there are pumps that fit within most budgets.

Let us run down the list on your options. We do not wan’t to complicate your decision, as we believe the New Mid price range HydroMax units do give great bank for your buck if you can afford it. However some want to go for a more economical unit. Or for some, they want the Best and this is where the Hydromax Extreme comes into Play.

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Bathmate Selection

Hercules Goliath Hydromax X30 Hydromax X40 HydromaxXtreme X30 Hydropump Hydromax XtremeX40 Hydropump
 Price US$110.50  Price US$193  Price US$158  Price US$193  Price US$299  Price US$349
After discount US$99.45 After discount US$173.70  After discount US$142.20 After discount US$173.70  After discount US$269.10  After discount US$314.10
 CRYSTAL CLEARBathmate Hercules Crystal Clear  CRYSTAL CLEARBathmate Goliath Crystal Clear   CRYSTAL CLEARHydromax X30 Crystal Clear
 CRYSTAL CLEARHydromax X40 Crystal Clear

 Hydromax Xtreme Hydropump - Clear  Hydromax Xtreme X40 Hydropump - Clear
 BRILLIANT REDBathmate Hercules brillian red  BRILLIANT  REDHydromax X30 Brilliant Red  BRILLIANT REDHydromax X40 Brilliant Red
 AQUA BLUEBathmate Hercules Aqua Blue  AQUA BLUEHydromax X30 Aqua Blue  AQUA BLUEHydromax X40 Aqua Blue
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 Introducing 35% more vacuum power than the original Bathmate Hercules with the Hydromax X30 penis pump. An incredibly effective hydrotherapy exerciser for your penis, the pump helps you achieve bigger, stronger, impressive erections.Read More….
Bathmate Hydromax X40 is the next size up from the original X30 and is %15 bigger. It offers length of penis up by 8.46 inches (214.88 mm) with the girth of up to 2.20 inches (56 mm).The Bathmate Hydromax X40 is the ultimate in hydro-technology for penis development and health.


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Introduce the Xtreme, it its the latest pump to the range from Hydromax. The X30 Xtreme will take a hydrotherapy workout to a whole other level. Power pump, having the identical unique globally patented design. Add the additional features. A Handball pump that operates in water for the xtreme pump sensation and gain to the max with the benefit of absolute comfort and control… Read More
15% larger than the X30 Xtreme! The X40 Xtreme takes your hydrotherapy workout to a whole new level. It’s our most powerful pump to date with the same unique globally patented design, and comes with many additions. Read More

Which Bathmate Product is right for you?
The comparison Video.

Now let us look further – bathmate hydro pump reviews in detail

The latest news to come out the Bathmate development house is the Bathmate HydroMAX X40

The Bathmate HydroMax x40 is the latest inclusion of the range of bathmate penis pumps. You will discover that the x40 is somewhat larger than the x30. However smaller than the original goliath version.

The Bathmate Hydromax X40 as does the Hydromax X30 has some really exciting features that will be very pleasing to loyal bathmate product users. This includes:

  • The new and improved bellows system provides 35% more power
  • The bellows are Swivel –  This means that you are able to rotate the unit 360 degrees while you wear it.
  • The added feature of a super flow lock which avoids the leaks acustumed to the Hercules range.

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Some of the Benefits of Using Bathmate hydromax system

The follow list comes from the official bathmate claims that we have gone over.

  • Gain 1-3 inches on the length of your penis (Check)
  • Increase your Penis girth (Check)
  • Boost Your Sexual Self Confidence (Check)
  • Increase and Improve Your Sexual Stamina (Check)
  • Intensify The Level Of Your Orgasms (Check)
  • Straighten Out The Curve of Your Penis (Maybe?)
  • Enlarge The Size of Your Penis Head (Double Check)
  • End The Issue of Premature Ejaculation (Not certain of this claim as personally unable to test)
  • Helps the Issue of Erectile Dysfunction (Check)

Why would you choose Bathmate and Hydromax device?

The Bathmate hydromax devices use water as the solution to enable penis pump. Designed to be specifically suitable for wearing in the shower or bath we allude to the fact that hydro pumps work very effectively. We strongly believe that the water units produce results faster than traditional air based penis pumps. The water based pump from bathmate have been around enough and tested with sound results by men leading to positive results by thousands of dedicated men looking to improve their manhood.

We try and provide you an unbiased bathmate hydro pump reviews from the people who have used the product. Of course it can be difficult to share with you all the complete details as some people are not inclined to share their own results due to their privacy.

However we will attempt to give you the details as we an attempt to provide you enough information to allow you to make an informed decision.

Size Comparisions between Hydromax units

Here you are able to visualize the difference in size of units available . You will notice that the Goliath unit is the largest however still has the older valve system. The hydrom ax x 30 and x 40 use the new Bellows pump as described in their literature. While also incorporating the swivel action.


size guide form hydromax x 30 and x40

What is New with the Bathmate Hydromax x 30 and x40

We’ve re-engineered our hugely successful Bathmate and supercharged it!…

The Hydromax is a new and improved design over the Hercules range.

New Bellows pump – 35% more power

By introducing new materials into the manufacturing of the unit. The Bathmate company was able to design a unique bellows system that has shown to be stronger as well as being more durable. It also provides more flexibility and allows you to create a better vacuum and suction effect with minimal effort.

For those that are technically inclined, the internal bellows size has also been increased and the number of convolutes has been reduced. This brings about a design that allows for plenty of room for an increased expansion in girth.

New Bellows pump -  35% more power

Bellows pump – 35% more power

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Brand new swivel action has been incorporated in the design of the Hydromax x 30 and x40

The older more rigid system used on the original bathmate is no longer the case. The new design feature of the Hydromax range is the featuring of a new swivel connection system. This lies between the bellows and the body of the pump which gives you an opportunity to rotate your device a full 360 degrees. This change allows you to get full visual chamber viewing at all times and adjust the inclined angle to suit bath, shower or pleasure ring use.

swivel action of  hydromax pump

action of hydromax pump


Brand New comfort Pads that are removable

We like the fact that Bathmate have added new super soft comfort pads. The inclusion of the comfort pads has resulted in a tighter seal, while offering a more comfort seal against your body. This means less need to pump and reduced loss of suction. The soft to touch outer edge does feel much better against your body. The rigid inner tube also offers a stronger and sturdier shield surrounding your manhood from inside the bellows.

The kit your receive includes two different comfort pads. One pad has been designed to be angled for utilization in the shower. While the other pad has been angled in such a way to allow for use in the bath. Both pads are removable, such that you can easily clean them and for general hygiene purposes.

pads for the hydromax


One Reviewers experience,  After Using the Bathmate hydromax x30 for 4 Months

We sent one our Bathmate Hydromax X30 to one of our reviewers to do a test on our behalf. This is what he had to say. We asked for honest feedback and to do measurements for any gains or not.

First thing I wish to mention is that I really love the bathmate hydromax, it is totally awesome. It definitely is working and I have found it easy to use. I like it because it does not have a great deal of parts and small pieces to get lost. During the first time that I used the hydromax I noticed that I was considerably thicker around the girth. This lasted for approx 4 hours. Some more days later once used daily my thickeness had increased for longer durations. It was about 8 hours that it maintained its larger girth.

For the length I measured it to be approx 1″ longer all the times that I have used the pump but it will go away over time but definitely my thickness had permanently increased after about 3 months.

From this experience we were glad to see a happy user.

How Does The Bathmate Penis Pump Work?

This video explains how the bathmate works to  increase the size of your penis over a short period of time.

Learn How to Work Out with Hydromax

This is the correct workout technique that you need to use.

Watch the below video to discover how to use the Hydromax hydropump in order to  gain the maximum penis length, thickness and stronger harder erections that you will find totally amazing.

The Video that shows the evolution of the hydropump from Bathmate.

Discover the background on how the Hydromax hydropump has evolved to become the most successful  penis enlarger to date.

Recommendations to use the Bathmate Hydromax x30

The Hydromax X30 is the latest to come out of Bathmate, with the New larger Hydromax X40 just released.

The amount of suction and hence the ability for more blood to push on the penile walls helps to achieve great results.

The soft comfort cushions are great and they contour to your body well. While the pump action itself is very strong. If you can the fact that hot water assists with the process try to use a hot bath for your first and subsequent days for training your penis.

You can then revert to a shower after a few days and see the differences.


The Bathmate Goliath and Hercules Models

Some of you may be more familiar with the names Goliath and Hercules from the Bathmate brand. The Goliath edition uses the older technology as does the Hercules model. They are the predecessors to the new and improved HydroMax range. If your budget allows go for a hydromax X30 or X40 depending on your size. If however you are unable to afford the new model then the Hercules model will certainly assist and retails for about $110


Our Reviewer’s Experience continued with the HydroMax x30

As already mentioned above, we had the chance to have a reviewer test and use the product and  was happy to share his own results with us. So we continue further on his experience. Of course just to point out there are many different penis pumps on the market, all have their merits however we particularly like the concept of the hydromax range because it uses water.

Water based penis pumps are utilixing the benefical advantage of the hot water you use in the tube itself to help with the effect. As our customer mentioned he found it to be very easy to clean, and as he states “damn comfortable”

He prefers to use it in the shower and it needs to be kept in the correct position. Using the shower cord works well to achieve this result. Also a very good tip was the fact that is makes a whole lot of sense to trim your oubic hair to ensure a good suction result. It may sound obvious although of course we have had customers who have not seen the desired results simply because they were trying to get a good seal with a massive busy pubic hair mound.

Our reviewer says that he ahs had no water retention while using the as directed 15 minute use. While his flaccid penis was noticeably longer and thicker. This result was after the first use. The fact that after first use you see results made him happy at least to continue as he advised that he is particularly impatient and the results were achieved enabling a level of satisfaction from the first attempt.

With our man 6″ when erect from initial measurement. After only a month he was 6.5 inches. This may not be massive gains, however after one month of training, the results provided him with a basis to continue and see permanent results.


Our review on whether the Girth & Length Gains are Permanent?

The simple answer is a YES! For our reviewer he advises that the immediate gains that he noticed after the initial time using the Hydromax are most certainly not permanent. The gains you are likely to experience will subdue in approximately 3-4 hours. This was our reviewers experience. However after one month there was a gradual and noticeable difference to the permant size of his penis.

This adds weight to the instructions and the basis for Bathmate’s aim. It will take some time for the body to grow and replicate cells in the penis. The way to grow is if there happens to be a need for it.

There is a very good reason why the penis does not grow on its own. Traditionally you have not exercising your love muscle like you would with a hydromax. When would you expand the capillaries with hot water for 15 minutes at a time without a dedicated device? The answer is never.

While our reviewer was also noticeably happy with the girth improvements. He was happy to be living proof of a instructional routine that worked with noticeable girth improvements.

He simply foolowed the step by step instructions, followed the routine daily over 4 months and the results came together. Most notabily in the girth department, the length was noticeable.

Will The Hydromax Help With Your Stamina, while giving you a Harder Erections?

For the stamina claims, our reviewer unfortunately was unable to pinpoint the results on lasting longer or not. He was not able to say that it made him last longer in bed. This was after 3 months of consistent use.

What was a definite Yes was the fact that he experienced noticeable rock hard long lasting erections. The rock hard, that you get when fully worked that may last a few minutes at most.

Our reviewer was impressed with the fact that his hardness prevailed for so much more time. Typically he experienced as he mentioned a 3/4 hard which did the job but wasn’t the hard hard that you can get sometimes. The hydromax changed that and after a number of months use he noticed that he was rock hard for long durations and this impressed him as well as his girlfriend who definitely made positive remarks on this part of the review.

So he was a YES to rock hard erection and a maybe for the stamina side of the assessment claim.

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Your Warranty and Guarantee

The bathmate warranty will cover your device for 12 months. This is for any cracks, possible breakage etc. If anything goes wrong they will replace it.

Please note it is highly recommended you follow a strict cleansing routine of your device to ensure cleanliness not only for your device but for your own hygenie as well.


Train hard… get harder

If you are totally serious about enlarging your penis. You are committed to putting in the effort, then the new Hydromax is the ultimate tool to assist you achieve your desired goals.

  • Increases Penis length

  • Increases penis girth

  • Optimises sexual Health

  • Stronger, Harder Erections

  • Completely Safe to use

  • Only 15 Minutes per session


So we are satisfied that you will get the results you are after.

If you can set aside 15mins a day for training your love muscle then you will be able to achieve the results that you seek

If that wasn’t enough to satisfy your curiosity and decision to buy a Hydromax x30 or hydromax x40 then here is another important aspect that the manufacturer Bathmate want to share.

New Hydromax Superflow latch valve

This is Probably the most significant advancement that Bathmate has made. They have changed the valve with was the most technically challenging. It was the re-engineering of the valve that controls the flow of water out of the hydromax unit. It was a chancge of introducing a  new latch (or switch) to the valve, you are now able to close the valve to stop any water from leaking out when in the filling process. This very small but certainly important modification now enables you to fill the unit with just the one hand while allowing you to adjust your accessories and shower gear or what ever you need to sort out at the same time.

Bathmate as well engineeringed the new valve to hold its pressure for longer duration and introduced a slow pressure release mechanism to ensure that you do not over pump, keeping you safe at all times.

the new improved latch valve from the hydromax

the new improved latch valve from the hydromax pump


The bathmate hydro pump reviews are very positive visit our trusted erotic store partner to read more reviews to see for yourself.

bathmate x 30

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