Average Male Penis Length

average male penis length

What is the average male penis length?

So you are interested to find out what the average male penis length is. Actually you are not alone, this question is a very common one, as guys like to see how they compare to the general population and find out what a typical human penis length is.

When we talk penis length, we as many do,  like determine what the average penis size hard or erect is. There is no way to compare flaccid penis lengths as this is not a basis for comparison as different men have different conditions especially related to temperature factors.

So we did some digging and found some interesting research about average male penis length. There were a few surprises however the average penis size race relationship held steady. The stereo typical “African or black penis” so to say was in many cases found to be on average longer than other races.

average male penis length

average male penis length (the cucumber is often used to portray a penis)

A notable and interesting discovery was at least for us, the Northern South Americans featured highly in the top 20 for length.

A recent study on average male penis length by Controversial Professor Richard Lynn

What got us thinking about the whole male penis size thing was the headline we saw some time back. “We knew it all along: British men have bigger penises than the French according  to new survey link 

Now this study was seen to be Controversial: as Richard Lynn, professor of psychology at Ulster University, whose  research has been criticized as lacking methodology. The subject of average male penis length which tends to be a sensitive subject has been taken on by  Richard Lynn,  Ulster University and of psychology.


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The Professor has known for his controversial view on evolutionary aspects, has resulted in what he claims as national and racial difference in intelligence levels.

Professor Lynn goes on to say that the study found the average male penis length confirms his theory of  ‘race differences in penis length’.

His view that Negroids are the more endowed and Mongoloids are the least endowed.

The Professor has concluded: ‘For most populations, penis  lengths are very much predictable and have been confirmed.’

But there are definitely critics to his study who claim that Mr Lynn’s  research is simply flawed due to his sample study and not correctly citing that his source of information comes from data obtained from various websites.

Jelte Wicherts, the professor of methodology at  Tilburg University, Holland, has replied to the study :

‘This is a brave paper in a controversial  area but the data has no methodology.’

The research is published in scientific  journal Personality and Individual Differences.

So in knowing that the date may be somewhat limited for reliability the typical number still hold true if the date that has been taken is in fact correct and we will assume for this article they are.

The countries with the longest average male penis length.

Since this  it’s definitely the point that leads us to think most about. We commence with a little summary. The countries that have the most well endowed men are:

  • The Congo (average of 7.06 inches erect)
  • Ecuador (7.0)
  • Congo (6.82)
  • Ghana (6.81)
  • Colombia (6.7)
  • Venezuela (6.7)
  • Lebanon (6.62)
  • Cameroon (6.56)
  • Iceland (6.5)
  • Sudan (6.48)
  •  Jamaica (6.42)


Average penis size chart 

In a quick guide to average male penis length we provide an average penis size chart for your quick comparison.


average penis size chart

average penis size chart source :http://www.targetmap.com


Average size male penis Worldwide map

note measurement is in CM not inches.

penis map

The Countries with the shortest average male penis length.

For the study these were the nations with those who were less endowed.

  • North Korea (average 3.8 inches erect)
  • South Korea (3.8)
  • Cambodia (3.95)
  • Thailand (4.0)
  • India (4.03)
  • Taiwan (4.24)
  • Philippines (4.27)
  • Sri Lanka (4.29)
  • China (4.29)
  • Japan (4.3)
  • and Hong Kong (4.41).

Does the U.S. Stack up?

It would seem that the study was not a good showing for the U.S., It was determined that the guys in the USA reported on average that they sat in 96th position out of a possible  116 countries that the study was based on. The Average man from the USA  had reported a penis length measurement of 5.08 inches. That did manage to, on average measure longer than those in  Ireland, Romania and typically all parts of South East Asia. However did not measure up well against Canada (5.48) or France (5.33) or to our Middle East friends Iraq and Iran (both 5.73).

In saying that this is a report ON AVERAGE. So you may or may not bring down the average with your length.

What is safe to say is that the guys in porn are most definitely bringing up the average and make us average guys look tiny.


Which country has the longest average male penis length that was measured by a doctor?

Now as advised previously the study that Our Prof Lynn may have neglected to mention was that the data came from the internet. So the data may have come from “reported” sources and the fact is that reported by yourself may not mean the same as actual.

We won’t go into too much detail here about the actual results but thought that it was interesting to state that reported and reality are two different things when it comes to penis length.

Let us delve further into this topic.


pinocchio lies

A previous research commissioned found that men can exaggerate by anywhere from one to 1.7 inches.

What tends to happen and can make data inaccurate is the reporting technique. Self – Reporting can lead to inaccuracies due to incorrect measurement mistakes and secondly men tend to exaggerate about the length of their man hood.

This new report which happens to  include a 2010 study from the state of New York that had men self-report. Then a true measurement was taken and compared to the “reported” from the “actual”

Here are the results:

  • Black men “reported” to be a length of 7.9 inches and were measured to be 6.9 inches (difference of -1.0 inches)
  • Hispanic men “reported” 7.7 inches in penis size average and measured a length of 6.5  inches( which was -1.2 inches)
  • Asian men went on to “report” 6.7 inches and were measured at 5.3 (-1.4)
  • and white men were found to have lied the most, while they “reported” 7.8 inches and actually measured in at 6.1 inches on average (-1.7).


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