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mutual masturbation advice
Mutual Masturbation advice – The things you should know. Mutual masturbation advice is all about explaining what mutual masturbation entails. Some of the techniques and why it is beneficial for your sex life. Mutual masturbation which is also known as manual intercourse is when two or more individuals manually stimulate each other genitals. Mutual masturbation […]
adult toys for women
Find Your pleasure – Adult Toys for Women Most adult women in this modern Western world of today own and use adult toys for women. Or most certainly they have tried them in the past. Women in a relationship are the most likely to own and use a sex toy. With a recent study showing […]
Pole Dancing Pole
Choosing a Pole Dancing Pole You are now set to buy a pole dancing pole, well good for you. You have had a few pole dancing classes at the dance studio. You are now ready to go the next level and have set about looking for a pole dancing pole to buy. Buying a pole […]
army brat
Sexy Costumes Women Wear – Why not dress up Costumes are not just for the kids. Sexy costumes women wear are hot and can be an absolute head turner. Many of us adults also get a kick out of dressing up and Halloween is one very popular event to wear sexy costumes women and men. Wearing […]
free online erotica books
Free Online Erotica Books – Let your minds be seduced Get into the mood and get a hold of these free online Erotica Books. One of the best ways to get your mind into a sexual frame of mind and get your mind focused on something away from the day to living is a good […]
Erotic Stores: Sex toys and adult sex equipment that improve sexual performance Sex shops or erotic stores are very much a growing trend nowadays. It may be as uncomfortable and a sensitive issue to face by some, but for many adults today, it has become somewhat of a necessity for a more lively way of […]
Lipstick Lesbian Seduction – We love girl on girl action You may have heard the term lipstick lesbian, lipstick lesbian seduction is a term to describe being seduced by lesbians. Lipstick lesbian is a phrase that has been adopted to refer to lesbians who appear to be feminine. In the USA the term is a […]
pegging my husband
Learn if Pegging My husband is right for you. We get the question regularly, “how do I go about pegging my husband?” Pegging is a situation where a woman penetrates a man anally typically using a strap-on. Certainly it is one of the latest trends when it comes to the sex toy industry. Just a side note a […]
14. Liberator 24 inch Ramp in White Tiger Microfiber
The Best Sex Furniture You will find that sex can be even better with the best sex furniture on the market. Sex becomes boring to most people when it is made routine. It becomes monotonous to perform the act on the same bed or mattress or even a couch. However, a lot of people are […]
sex toys couples
Enhance Your Sex Life – Sex toys couples use together Have you considered what the sex toys couples use together? There are so many different ways to enhance or alter your sexual experiences. So many females from young adults to older housewives use sex toys. If you only use your sex toy when you are alone […]
love candy kendra
Love Candy Kendra – Proven To Enhance Your Love Life This article about Love Candy Kendra is just for guys, so ladies you are going to have to turn your backs for a moment! That’s much better, I wanted to take a few minutes and help you guys out. I know it can be a struggle […]
women shaving private parts
Women shaving private parts – The best way to shave We both personally love to shave or trim our pubic hair. So you can say women shaving private parts is a good thing. It provides a good clean view to our love parts and offers a fresh smooth feel that looks great. While some have a fetish for […]
tips giving oral sex
  Tips giving oral sex – We all should know how to give good head. Learn some important tips giving oral sex, firstly what is oral sex? Wikipedia defines “Oral Sex as a sexual act which focuses on the enlivenment of your sex companions gonads. This performed using ones mouth, teeth, tongue or throat to bring […]
spicy lingerie stores
Spicy Lingerie Stores – Are you looking to spice things up? Nothing pleases my husband more than a little something from one of my favorite spicy lingerie stores. He is always wanting me to wear a hot little number when we are getting down for some action. Although I know for some ladies, they just […]