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There`s no need to blush – talking about sex toys is not something you should feel sheepish or embarrassed about. If you`re thinking about starting or even expanding your collection, you`re definitely not alone. Sex toys can help bring a little spice back in the bedroom, shaking up a monotonous routine. With so many varieties, […]
The Electrasim Senasvox Kit – The Power unit with attitude. Electrastim Sensavox Kit is said to deliver amazing stimulation by the way of sending pulses that are electronic through any electronic sex toy that you connect to the unit. This elite electrosex unit provides you greatest command over your kinky electro play. Attach two electro sex […]
jimmy jane sex toys hello touch
Jimmy Jane Sex Toys – The gift that keeps on giving. If you have not heard of Jimmy Jane Sex toys, then this is going to make your day. Jimmy Jane sex toys our newly released product range at is sure to please. Rachael Ray takes a look at a Jimmyjane Sex Toys on […]
Liberator Esse Chaise in Velvish Buckwheat
Esse Chaise by Liberator – Contemporary and Sensual   Liberator Esse Chaise in Velvish Black available at As you may already know, a fulfilling sexual life needs variety and this is where sexual furniture comes to the rescue. The Esse Chaise by Liberator has become famous for supporting couples improve their sex lives. In order […]
The Art of Role Play and Must-Try Fantasies for Couples   Does the thought of a superhero excite you? Or do you find yourself fantasizing about the nurse doing something other than take your temperature? Everyone has fantasies, and role playing is a huge part of that. In fact, it’s something that can definitely spice […]
Funny Video with a humorous sexy element hope you enjoy.
sexual fantasy confessions two guys and a girl
For this contribution from Anna, we decided to send her a little gift from our store to thank her for sharing such a hot steam sexy confession with us. My Accidental Gym Confession It was a simple mistake, which ultimately made Anna’s naughtiest sexual fantasy come true. Naughty stuff NSFW 18+ It was like any […]
no anal sex
Why women say NO to anal sex It’s unsanitary, it hurts, it’s not healthy – these are just a few of the main reasons why women do not want to have or think about anal sex. For some couples anal sex is part of their sex routine just as vaginal sex is, but it’s always […]
My Sex Quest – The Newly Released Android App is set to Revolutionize Sex Lives While sex apps come and go, My Sex Quest has been developed with couples in mind. The Concept came about after a married couple was introduced to the world of BDSM contracts through reading the highly popular publication, “Fifty Shades […]
We are promoting our app with a competition aimed at helping spread the word and to give our readers a chance to win a nice little gift card to spend on what ever you want at our Take the time to download our android app and try it out for yourself, or if you […]
Whips and Impact Toy for Better Sex
Whips and Impact Toy for Better Sex Rough sex can be quite pleasurable, provided you and your partner agree to limitations during sex, and there are tons of manufacturers that make whips and similar impact toys that can be worth a try. If you are thinking of buying whip and impact toys, the first thing […]
The Top 10 Sex Toy Gifts. Searching for that ideal sex toy to give as a present for your sweetheart or even a great friend can be complicated, but get it right and everybody will be delighted. If you are searching for a few sexy Christmas present ideas you have come to the perfect place. […]
Watching Porn as a Couple Conventional thinking informs us that pornography viewing can be not just harmful to our own psyches, it may even be considered  harmful to monogamous romantic relationships. Our best of friends, mothers and fathers, religious types, and counselors — all individuals who have got our very best interest in mind – […]
Sexy massage
Spice up your sex life by adding a sexy massage to the mix. Priceless tips and methods revealed. It’s the flame of romance that keeps many of us going about our otherwise seemingly normal and boring lives. That uncanny connection that you share with your significant other is truly special. Over time, however, the spice […]
Sexual Fantasies for Women
Sexual Fantasies for Women – Women Top Sexual Fantasies Women take pleasure in making love. Discover sexual fantasies for women – We love to think about making love, we enjoy imagining about doing sexy stuff, heck, we reeeally like getting it on  as well, therefore why is it that female desire is nevertheless greeted with […]
Ways to Find the Best Male Enhancement Supplement – Best Male Enhancers It is very hard to find the best male enhancers and supplements since the market nowadays is potentially full of inefficient and ineffective male supplements. However, you can try your luck with the help of educated decision making as well as informed searching […]
hot g vibe
Experience The Thrill Of A Hot G Vibe Vibrating Ring You have not had a real sexual thrill until you have used a vibrating ring from Hot G Vibe! Bold claim we know, but we also know just how true it is from personal experience! Don’t feel too bad though, there are plenty of singles […]
foreplay tips for women
Foreplay Tips for Women By Michael J Andrews Discover foreplay tips for women in this post about the importance of foreplay. Foreplay is an essential component of sexual intercourse for both males and females. Nevertheless both sexes process sex very differently and it will be certainly correct to say that foreplay is  generally even more essential […]
Secrets to erotic breast massages Men often forget about the importance of giving erotic breast massages to their lover. It is something that is often overlooked but spending time on providing stimulation to their partners breast can actually allow them to have what is known as a breast orgasm. Certainly you will find that most lovers […]
Foods That Are Aphrodisiacs
Foods That Are Aphrodisiacs for You By Dr. Jacqueline E. Campbell Learn more about foods that are aphrodisiacs from Dr. Jacqueline E. Campbell. Certainly I have a much-loved TV programs is named “Bizarre Foods”, broadcast on one of the Travel Channels. It happens to have a host, an adventurous type of spirit called Andrew Zimmern whom journeys the globe seeking and tasting “bizarre foods”. It was an episode, shot in Japan, that he decided […]
sexy role playing ideas the obedient robot
Sexy role playing ideas and tips While we have investigated roleplay now it is time to look at sexy role playing ideas and tips from a different angle. You might want to visit our how to sex roleplay post to understand more.   While we give you more sex role play scenarios in another post.  sexy role […]
sex role play scenarios Here are a few more sex role play scenarios to give you some inspiration. As we delve into the world of sex role play, the number of scenarios is limited only to your creativity and imagination. Read (how to sex roleplay) for more details in this fun and exciting way to spice […]
how to sex roleplay i love it
How to Sex Roleplay – Sexual Role Play Advice for Beginners Learn the secret of how to sex roleplay, like a true master through a dedicated look at this sexual roleplay guide for beginners. For many when you are in a loving relationship for quite some time, often sex can become somewhat of a routine […]
how to burlesque dance
Learn how to burlesque dance Burlesque is a fun and exciting expression of sensuality. We teach you how to burlesque dance through this article. Burlesque is something that is a confidence building show for those who enjoy theater, sexuality and sensuality. It is something that women of all ages have taken on as an expression […]