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50 Mistakes Women Make While Having Sex
Mistakes Women Make During Sex We here at Store Erotic believe it is now time for some good education to our Women readers. It is typically the men who get the bad rap for the mishaps, and the “poor sex” in the bedroom. Having the skill in the sex department is something that is most often […]
the female orgasm the truth
Reading is a great way to learn, here is you chance to get a greater insight into one of the most essential elements of your relationship. The more you know, the happier everyone involved will be. Find out just how much you already know (or maybe you don’t!). . Durex certainly knows the importance of […]
Bathmate Hercules brillian red
Bathmate Hercules 3.0 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump review. Let us take a closer look at the Bathmate Hercules 3.0 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump review to see what our users have to say. Do you really satisfy your partner during intercourse? Reviews have it that most women complain that their husbands never satisfy their sexual desires. This has caused […]
Porn vs the reality of Sex For those of you who have ever watched porn and we would think that there are a good few of our readers who have at least taken a peek. Do a comparison if you have ever had “real sex” then you will have established that the two are very […]
penis measurements
Penis measurements – Science does not lie   For those individuals taking penis measurements throughout the world, you can now breathe a little more easier. Your measurements have now been validated. With a recently published study, that was undertaken by sexuality researchers at the University of Indiana. The results have established that the average length of an […]
man missionary sex position
Different positions having sex – The Best Sex Positions for All different Penis Sizes   We cover the subject of different positions having sex in this captivating article. With regards to sex, larger is NOT usually better. Most certainly, not for all positions and maneuvers. The good thing is that you are able to  experience maximum enjoyment […]
adult bedroom toys
Using Adult bedroom toys to spice up your sex life You have seen just how popular the  Fifty Shades of Grey has become, now main stream media has made sex talk and adult bedroom toys (sex toys) much more popular. Have you considered trying out adult bedroom toys or is the thought just too embarrassing? Is […]
how to enjoy sex
How to Enjoy Sex – Stop stressing about sex itself and learn about taking it in turns reports the expert If you want to learn to enjoy sex then you need to consider a number of basic principles. Many couples think that they should be having their climax at the same time Sex Expert Tracey […]
The loop hole – Watch a comedic look at what some consider a loop hole in keeping with virginity.
how to last longer
The Secret On How to Last Longer During Sex. Lets us explore the technique used to last longer during sex. It can be considered rather a large misconception that all women would like to have marathon long sex sessions. Those sessions that can go on for hours and hours. While some find this kind of […]
When pranks get seriously outragous. The ability to get laughs is the sign of a great prank. Watch as a prank surprises some unsuspecting people. Who says Penis size does not matter?
Arcana Electro Vibe Wand
SEX TOY AND EQUIPMENT-THE AMAZING ARCANA ELECTRO VIBE WAND Let us discover the Arcana Electro Vibe Wand from Zeus. Sexual toys and equipment have become increasingly acceptable by many people of diverse backgrounds. The past notion of associating  sex toys as taboo is long gone for most and more and more people are openly embracing them […]
cheap anal vibrators
What to Know Before Buying Cheap Anal Vibrators? Back door fun can be quite exciting and intimidating at the same time, and most of us have out hesitations in getting started. If you are thinking penetration is something you can start with, think again. The anal muscles are delicate and the back door isn’t always […]
female eejaculation
Learn How to Have a Female Ejaculation – Squirting  by Dr. Tanginika Cuascud For certain lucky women, they have had what is known as female ejaculation. Female ejaculation, which can also be known as gushing, squirting or the shejaculation, occurs when women discharge a certain liquid from their vagina’s and or their urethra’s whilst having an orgasm. It […]
liberator sex furniture
Liberator Sex Furniture. Liberator Sex Furniture – Get into positions you never thought possible. Are you tired of routine sex positions? Are you finding difficulties in exploring new sex positions? Well, worry no more, say good bye to sex boredom, adventure into a deeper penetrative sex with explicit sex positions with liberator sex furniture. Liberator sex […]
electronic sexual stimulation
A beginner’s guide to electronic sexual stimulation & Electrastim Power Units Electronic sexual stimulation is a popular trend in erotic toys. For those who have not tried them yet may have some misconceptions about electronic erotic stimulation and one of the biggest misconceptions is the fear of being electrocuted. Electro sex or erotic electro stimulation […]
why kissing is good for you
Why Kissing is good for you – The benefits of Kissing. Kissing should not be taken just for romance or even fun, it has its own benefits which many people may fail to recognize. This collision between tongues, lips and noses has been always taken for granted. During the kissing act you always feel good […]
The ying and yang of Wet Nuru massage See our Range of Wet Nuru massage products Nuru massage is a type of whole body-to-body massage that is performed using a special massage gel called Nuru oil. You can learn all about Wet Nuru Massage and get down and wet with your partner together. Or take […]
love cloud vegas
Mile High Club Flights. For those of us who have ever wanted to join the mile- high club, but have been too scared to take the chances of being caught. Now you have your chance to with the help of an entrepeneur out of Las Vegas USA. Our aspiring business man is now ready to […]
Vaginas are Awesome……10 Reasons Why Discover the 10 reasons why the Vagina is awesome in this serious but not serious look at the vagina.
Zeus Electrosex If you are looking for a way to enhance your sexual pleasure and reveal your wild side, Zeus Electrosex toys and devices can help. Zeus Electrosex has a stream of toys and devices that individuals, couples, and more participants can use to maximize the amount of pleasure they experience. Shop for all of […]
Typical Sexual Fetishes Certainly, there are plenty of typical fetishes out there that may well appear to be peculiar, but actually, they aren’t. If you are usually concerned that your typical erotic fetish happens to be too strange to disclose to your good friends (or perhaps your companion), don’t be concerned! We’ve obtained the popular […]
sassy maid
Sexy Role Playing costumes help you get into character. Sexy role playing costumes are growing in popularity for many reasons and one of the factors is the fact that you will discover right now a lot of diverse themes of erotic and sexy outfits on the market. Not just that, but the different versions within […]
what is electrosex
What is Electrosex? Exploring erotic electrostimulation   So let us describe exactly what is Electrosex, it  is the abbreviation for electrostimulation. This is a human sexual experience or practice that involves the use of electrical stimulation to the body particularly emphasizing on the genitals. Here you’ll require a power source such as Violet Wand, VEMS, […]