The Art of Role Play and Must-Try Fantasies for Couples


The Art of Role Play and Must-Try Fantasies for Couples


Does the thought of a superhero excite you? Or do you find yourself fantasizing about the nurse doing something other than take your temperature? Everyone has fantasies, and role playing is a huge part of that. In fact, it’s something that can definitely spice up your sex life, especially if you’re committed to your part and really use your imagination. The best part about role playing is that you can get as involved with the role as you would like, as there are costumes and props that are available. If you’re interested becoming someone new in the bedroom, then get ready for the sexy ideas listed below!


1. Teacher and Student


This one can go a lot of different ways, with the man or woman being the teacher. Let your imagination take hold and really play up the costumes on this one. Wear glasses, put on a sexy schoolgirl outfit and have the teacher teach you a thing or two. You can use any type of teaching scenario; whether it’s the student learning about sex in sex ed or the swimming teacher discussing how to do underwater moves. Start slow and the excitement will build up over time.


2. Repairman and Housewife


You get to choose the type of repairman your partner is with this one. Maybe he’s there to fix the lights or even to clean out the pipes; you pick! From the moment you answer the door to him with his toolbox, the playing can begin. Play it off flirty at first before moving into something more sexual, and see where things go from there! The anticipation will build as you get more touchier and let your hands gently grace each other’s skin.


3. Boss and Secretary


This one is easy to act out with some professional attire and the right attitude. Maybe the assistant needs to come in and discuss her bonus, or be told she needs to step things up in order to keep her job. Just imagine her going under your desk to pick up some papers or throwing her on top of your desk in the heat of the moment. This role playing scenario can be customized to your fantasies specifically, so have fun with it. There’s no right or wrong way to do things; it’s all about what turns you on and what you like!


4. Call Girl


If you’re a girl that wants to get dressed up and frisky, then a call girl scenario is a great choice. Have your man dress up in a nice suit and maybe even book a nice hotel for the evening. Show up to the door in your sexiest gear with your hair and makeup done perfectly. After that, let the situation go as you would like and have FUN! You could even start off the situation at the hotel bar, with your eyes just meeting before he whisks you back to his room.


5. Doctor and Nurse


This is a classic scenario that can be well played out if you have a Halloween costume store by you. Dress up and make a background story why you are in the hospital. After that, the nurse will come in and the fun can begin! Dirty exams, sponge baths and sexy massages can all be incorporated into this scenario (more info).


There are tons of different role playing scenarios you can put yourself in, so get creative! Those listed above are great for anyone who is just starting out, so explore what you like and keep an open mind. You might be shy at first, but with time you’ll become more comfortable and open with your acting abilities.




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