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adult toys for women

Find Your pleasure – Adult Toys for Women

Most adult women in this modern Western world of today own and use adult toys for women. Or most certainly they have tried them in the past. Women in a relationship are the most likely to own and use a sex toy. With a recent study showing the use of adult toys for women is more prevalent then previous, with access to sex toys in a discreete way through online purchases. With a random sample of approximately 2600 women aged between 18-60 years indicated that forty four percent admitted that they are using adult toys for women or have used them before.

Among the participants, young women of age 25 to 34 were the most likely sex toy users with 51% currently owning a sex toy or have used it previously. At some points of their entire lives, women aged 55-60 were probably to have attempted to use sex toys or some are even finding pleasure using the toys at the moment.

The present or previous users of adult toys for women whether in a steady healthy relationship or not, were significantly experiencing high level of sex desire and interest and subsequently having less pain during and after intercourse. The use of these sex toy equipment and sexy tools is mostly identical with women in a relationship. And they are also popular with women who have a college education.

Designer vibrators in an erotic shop for women...

Designer vibrators in an erotic shop for women Français : Vibromasseurs design dans un sex-shop pour femmes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Adult Toys for Women as common as using a toaster.

Nowadays, the most popular sex toy for women is the vibrator, and its use is as common as using daily households appliances such as toaster oven. Something once seen as exotic and taboo even, a vibrator of some description for sexual pleasure has become common and normal to most households. Couples are also exploring together the many available sex toys couples specifically designed for mutual use. These sex toys couples use are purposely designed and have been researched to provide the ultimant for shared pleasure. This dismisses the idea that the vibrator is a masturbatory machine for females with sexual dysfunction a clear indication that things are changing.

Adult toys for women with strong sales in these tough economic conditions

Even during this harsh economic climate, the use of vibrators has increased largely since its innovation. This is due to the constant invention of standardized vibrators by speciality manufacturers to meet the demand and desire of their clients. The current generation has surpassed the rate at which baby boomers uses vibrators even though they are the pioneers of the device acceptance. The widespread vibrator use is attributed to its availability in the market and a cultural shift from the old Triple X rated sex toy industries.

The vibrator is sold and marketed to women of all ages from those of tender age and to postmenopausal women. Those who have had the chance of using vibrators have experienced a high level of  sexual pleasure ranging from arousal, orgasm, less pain compared than those who had never tried to use a vibrator. Vibrators have even been great for cancer survivors and a largely middle age group who wants to bring back pleasure in their lives, the vibrator is the device to settle for.

Adult Toys For Women – Discrete vibrators are ideal to hide from the kids.

Having kids in the household should not be a concern either.  Some vibrators are tactfully manufactured and are so harmless that even if children do find your vibrator then they would not have a clue what it is or recognize what it is used for. So, you can be more relaxed  on how you can keep it from a childs reach. Though it is advisable to keep it in a secrete place as children are always curious and experimental.

You want something a bit exciting, appealing, and fun to play with? Yes, vibrators are here for you, they are not covered from your eyesight in one of those dark adult stores you find in a red light district. You can now shop for your new faourite vibrator or adult sex toy for women.

Some of our recommend Adult toys for women

We mentioned discreet so we will focus on discreet in this post and also with a flair for luxury.


Lipstick Vibe


Lipstick Vibe - Adult toys for women

Lipstick Vibe – Adult toys for women


You do not have to worry if this lipstick is not your favourite shade. This is a very discreet lipstick with a built in vibe. So sexy and stylish and can be easily kept in your makeup bag without anyone knowing. You can choose the speed that is best for you and allow the quite vibration pulse your zone.


Conceled sex toys and creams

Screaming O a manufacturer of adult toys for women has designed a line of discreet sex toys as well as vibrators that really do appear to be your favourite cosmetic item. You can choose from vibrators and stimulating creams in the Screaming O  line of products called the Studio Collection – sex toys.

Chic & Discreet Mascara Vibe

Watch the video from our store CEO discussing the range of discreet products from Screaming O.


Chic & Discreet Mascara Vibe

Chic & Discreet Mascara Vibe



Also Available in the range includes :

All the range of screaming O’s Studio Collection


 Pure Indulgance

If your budget allows then on of the most pleasurable adult toys for Women and in this occasion Men can enjoy too is the  Smart Wand From Lelo.

Smart Wand Large - Ivory

The large-sized Smart Wand™ (Ivory)  is a body masager that happens to be more powerful than any comparable rechargeable massager on the market place. This elegantly designed  large-sized Smart Wand™ works wonders for a deep satisfying body massage that can be used on all parts of the body. It brings asoothing spa-level relaxation in the comfort of your own home. The unit is fully waterproof and incorporates an innovative SenseTouch™ technology: LELO Smart Wands™ also are designed with touch sensors that enable the vibrations intensity to grow the moment the wand tip touches into with the body – producing the most expert massaging method that actually works intuitively with your whole body as well as your requirements. With an entire 1-Year Warranty as well as 10-Year High quality Guarantee together with all the characteristics and quality LELO is famous for, you won’t come across a massage tool more intelligent compared to this.

The Smart Wand comes in a number of colors and sizes


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Ivory, Plum & Black


Find the range of smart wands from Lelo here

We have only given you a taste of the available adult toys for women.


Anal Play
Sexual Enhancers
Sexy Wear
Pamper Yourself
Gifts For Her
Luxury Toys

Find it Fast

G-Spot Toys
Rabbit Vibrators
Toys from Fifty Shades of Grey
As Seen on Oprah
Strap-ons & Harnesses
Clitoral Pumps & Pelvic Exercisers
Clit Cuddlers
Bullets & Eggs
Powerful Vibrators

Please take a look at our full  range of delightful sex toys for women at our store.


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