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50 Shades Darker Adult Toy Range The film adaption of Fifty Shades Darker, which is based on the second novel in E.L. James’ trilogy, is soon to be released in a cinema complex near you in the beginning of new year.  We want to make sure you are well prepared with the 50 Shades Darker Adult […]
50 shades of grey trailer new
50 Shades Of Grey, the panting begins.   Tags: Dakota Johnson Jamie Dornan Movie Reviews and Previews Sam Taylor Wood A new trailer for the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie, due out on Valentine’s Day 2015, was released last night. Well, it’s definitely better than the first trailer, but I still wish they’d quit giving […]
Guide to Lingerie Let us provide a great guide to lingerie. The do’s and don’ts of lingerie selection. Yes we all know Fifty Shades is famous for its BDSM undertones than its smattering of steamy sex scenes so not everyone is going to rush out a buy a fully equipped red room of pain to […]
How to Buy Sex Toys Online
How to Buy Sex Toys Online – The Essential Guide Sex Toys are the ultimate addition to a healthy sex life. We explore how to buy sex toys online through our essential guide for beginners to the experienced internet savvy buyer. Lets face it, sex toys have come a long way when it comes to […]
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Using Adult bedroom toys to spice up your sex life You have seen just how popular the  Fifty Shades of Grey has become, now main stream media has made sex talk and adult bedroom toys (sex toys) much more popular. Have you considered trying out adult bedroom toys or is the thought just too embarrassing? Is […]
Arcana Electro Vibe Wand
SEX TOY AND EQUIPMENT-THE AMAZING ARCANA ELECTRO VIBE WAND Let us discover the Arcana Electro Vibe Wand from Zeus. Sexual toys and equipment have become increasingly acceptable by many people of diverse backgrounds. The past notion of associating  sex toys as taboo is long gone for most and more and more people are openly embracing them […]
My Sex Quest – The Newly Released Android App is set to Revolutionize Sex Lives While sex apps come and go, My Sex Quest has been developed with couples in mind. The Concept came about after a married couple was introduced to the world of BDSM contracts through reading the highly popular publication, “Fifty Shades […]
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How To Introduce BDSM to Your Partner So you are usually into BDSM or you imagine that you might be into it and have an issue with introducing what you really want to do with your partner. Imagine if BDSM isn’t acceptable for her behalf or him? Imagine if you turn your lover away? Lots […]
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Find Your pleasure – Adult Toys for Women Most adult women in this modern Western world of today own and use adult toys for women. Or most certainly they have tried them in the past. Women in a relationship are the most likely to own and use a sex toy. With a recent study showing […]
What is Bisexuality – 6 Myths Put to Rest “I like George…but I also like Tina.”   What is Bisexuality –What is it to be Bisexual?    Let us discuss the topic of “what is Bisexuality” through our special look at sexuality. One easy way could consider what it is to be bisexual is to […]