50 Mistakes Women Make While Having Sex

50 Mistakes Women Make While Having Sex

Mistakes Women Make During Sex

We here at Store Erotic believe it is now time for some good education to our Women readers. It is typically the men who get the bad rap for the mishaps, and the “poor sex” in the bedroom.

Having the skill in the sex department is something that is most often delegated to and most definitely expected of the man. Of course to achieve sexual fulfillment is all about team work and is a two way street. The best sex is not about laying on your back. Great sex needs skill and effort from all parties, not just one.

Here is a very interesting and informative info-graphic which provides a profile of some of the more common mistakes that the ladies are making during sex.

Of course we recognize that men do make the same sort of mistakes so do expect the men’s version soon.


50 Mistakes Women Make While Having Sex


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