Month: June 2014

man missionary sex position
Different positions having sex – The Best Sex Positions for All different Penis Sizes   We cover the subject of different positions having sex in this captivating article. With regards to sex, larger is NOT usually better. Most certainly, not for all positions and maneuvers. The good thing is that you are able to  experience maximum enjoyment […]
adult bedroom toys
Using Adult bedroom toys to spice up your sex life You have seen just how popular the  Fifty Shades of Grey has become, now main stream media has made sex talk and adult bedroom toys (sex toys) much more popular. Have you considered trying out adult bedroom toys or is the thought just too embarrassing? Is […]
how to enjoy sex
How to Enjoy Sex – Stop stressing about sex itself and learn about taking it in turns reports the expert If you want to learn to enjoy sex then you need to consider a number of basic principles. Many couples think that they should be having their climax at the same time Sex Expert Tracey […]
The loop hole – Watch a comedic look at what some consider a loop hole in keeping with virginity.