Month: May 2014

how to last longer
The Secret On How to Last Longer During Sex. Lets us explore the technique used to last longer during sex. It can be considered rather a large misconception that all women would like to have marathon long sex sessions. Those sessions that can go on for hours and hours. While some find this kind of […]
When pranks get seriously outragous. The ability to get laughs is the sign of a great prank. Watch as a prank surprises some unsuspecting people. Who says Penis size does not matter?
Arcana Electro Vibe Wand
SEX TOY AND EQUIPMENT-THE AMAZING ARCANA ELECTRO VIBE WAND Let us discover the Arcana Electro Vibe Wand from Zeus. Sexual toys and equipment have become increasingly acceptable by many people of diverse backgrounds. The past notion of associating  sex toys as taboo is long gone for most and more and more people are openly embracing them […]
cheap anal vibrators
What to Know Before Buying Cheap Anal Vibrators? Back door fun can be quite exciting and intimidating at the same time, and most of us have out hesitations in getting started. If you are thinking penetration is something you can start with, think again. The anal muscles are delicate and the back door isn’t always […]
female eejaculation
Learn How to Have a Female Ejaculation – Squirting  by Dr. Tanginika Cuascud For certain lucky women, they have had what is known as female ejaculation. Female ejaculation, which can also be known as gushing, squirting or the shejaculation, occurs when women discharge a certain liquid from their vagina’s and or their urethra’s whilst having an orgasm. It […]
liberator sex furniture
Liberator Sex Furniture. Liberator Sex Furniture – Get into positions you never thought possible. Are you tired of routine sex positions? Are you finding difficulties in exploring new sex positions? Well, worry no more, say good bye to sex boredom, adventure into a deeper penetrative sex with explicit sex positions with liberator sex furniture. Liberator sex […]
electronic sexual stimulation
A beginner’s guide to electronic sexual stimulation & Electrastim Power Units Electronic sexual stimulation is a popular trend in erotic toys. For those who have not tried them yet may have some misconceptions about electronic erotic stimulation and one of the biggest misconceptions is the fear of being electrocuted. Electro sex or erotic electro stimulation […]