Month: April 2014

why kissing is good for you
Why Kissing is good for you – The benefits of Kissing. Kissing should not be taken just for romance or even fun, it has its own benefits which many people may fail to recognize. This collision between tongues, lips and noses has been always taken for granted. During the kissing act you always feel good […]
The ying and yang of Wet Nuru massage See our Range of Wet Nuru massage products Nuru massage is a type of whole body-to-body massage that is performed using a special massage gel called Nuru oil. You can learn all about Wet Nuru Massage and get down and wet with your partner together. Or take […]
love cloud vegas
Mile High Club Flights. For those of us who have ever wanted to join the mile- high club, but have been too scared to take the chances of being caught. Now you have your chance to with the help of an entrepeneur out of Las Vegas USA. Our aspiring business man is now ready to […]
Vaginas are Awesome……10 Reasons Why Discover the 10 reasons why the Vagina is awesome in this serious but not serious look at the vagina.
Zeus Electrosex If you are looking for a way to enhance your sexual pleasure and reveal your wild side, Zeus Electrosex toys and devices can help. Zeus Electrosex has a stream of toys and devices that individuals, couples, and more participants can use to maximize the amount of pleasure they experience. Shop for all of […]
Are you worried about your sex life? If so, then there is a need for you to master new sex techniques and exploit them to determine if they can help you and your partner. It is notable that sex is inevitable in marriage and hence should be fun at all times to improve the marriage […]