Month: August 2013

Tips be good kisser
Some Tips be Good Kisser Kissing is Important and can be the difference between love or failure. Here are some quick tips be good kisser. Let us begin with some interesting details from a resent study into kissing. Overall, the researchers demonstrated that the amount a couple of kissed was proportional with their stated degree […]
How To Give a Sensual Massage
How to Give a Sensual Massage – Blow Your Partner Away With Your Intimate Touch If you want to learn how to give a sensual massage then you are well on your way to improving your sexual relationship. By choosing to enhance your knowledge in the area of massage you are also about to discover […]
How to Wife Swap – For Swingers What Is Swinging? How To Wife Swap. For those in the know, swinging is something completely sexy. Perhaps you have seen in a movie or tried it yourself? You hear of couples dropping keys in a bowl and picking another set of keys. These are just some of […]
women love Vibrators
Women Love Vibrators It is true Women Love Vibrators, so what are you doing? Visit our Vibrators section and buy her one. What makes women love vibrators is the fact that only 25% are able to reach orgasm through penetrative sex alone. That means some 75% of  Ladies are unable to reach orgasm without some […]
best male sex toys
EXCITE YOUR SEXUAL EXPERIENCE WITH BEST MALE SEX TOYS Modern relationships have gone a step further to introduce a third party to bed. Learn about best male sex toys. Sex is pleasurable but it gets more pleasurable with sex toys. Nothing feels better than coming out of a very top notch sexual experience or moment […]
what is a smoking fetish
What is a smoking fetish – The fetish known as capnolagnia Learn what is a smoking fetish through this overview of smoking fetishism. Smoking fetishism ( often referred to as capnolagnia ) is a sexual fetish consistent with the vision as well as representation and images of someone having a smoke, be it a cigarette, […]