11 Typical Sexual Fetishes That Are Not That Strange …

Typical Sexual Fetishes

Sexual Fetishes

Certainly, there are plenty of typical fetishes out there that may well appear to be peculiar, but actually, they aren’t. If you are usually concerned that your typical erotic fetish happens to be too strange to disclose to your good friends (or perhaps your companion), don’t be concerned! We’ve obtained the popular typical fetishes that may appear some what unusual, but honestly, you aren’t by yourself if this happens to be what happens to get you off!

1. Anililagnia

This fetish appears as if it could be bizarre right? This fetish in fact is one of the most widespread fetishes. What Anililagnia suggests is really an attraction for older ladies. Or as we like to refer to them as Cougars.  There are usually lots of men who find older ladies appealing and search for them. Therefore if your man has got a thing for older women, in that case Anililagnia is definitely one of their fetishes!

cougars Typical Sexual Fetishes

Stiffler’s Mom, One of the most famous cougar’s in the Movie American Pie

2. Voyeurism

In our opinion, we believe that everybody has got this everyday fetish, yet many simply don’t want to admit they have it. Voyeurism essentially revolves around an individual becoming aroused from checking out unclothed bodies or watching some other people having intercourse. If every person didn’t have at minimum a small enjoyment in voyeurism as a typical fetish, then exactly why would we enjoy porn?

2. Voyeurism




3. Sadism

Now, for some of us, we are simply not into pain. Just stubbing a toe leads to an almighty scream of bloody murder.  It is sadism that may not necessary be a fetish that all of us are into. However Sadism happens to be one of the more common fetishes. Note this might include such things  as whipping, using candle wax or naughty biting, sadism is ultimately about  pain and inflicting pain on one another for sexual and erotic pleasures.

sadism typical sexual fetishes


4. Navel Fetishism

While the navel or the belly button may not be something that we specifically are into ourselves, however navel fetishism is most certainly one of the wide spread fetishes. Quite simply, with this fetish, it is all about sexual arousal from the navel. That is not that strange is it?


navel fetishism

navel fetishism

5. Pictophilia

Pictophilia happens to be one of those fetishes that may assist you to better understand your boyfriend just a little more. Guys are very visual creatures and this can possibly better explain why. Pictophilia is a typical fetish and it is is all about having a fascination with pornographic images. This indeed can be for those who enjoy it on their own or with their companion. Therefore if your man looks at porno, pictophilia may possibly be one of the fetishes that he has!



6. Pygophilia

Are you preoccupied with butts? Does the buttox actually appeal to you intimately? That is precisely what Pygophilia is all about! This typical fetish is really not that strange or unusual, in reality, We believe that almost all males have got this specific fetish someplace within them! Plenty of guys and girls go gaga for JLo and Kim Kardashian’s adequate behinds therefore it’s certainly not unusual!

6. Pygophilia

6. Pygophilia the fetish for buttocks

7. Stigmatophilia

This fetish might just happen to be one of ours,  (yes, we can admit it here!) and this fetish is all about piercings and tattoos. If you happen to have a number of tattoos and/or a number of piercings, it might be that you could be one who has the stigmatophilia fetish! Who can resist a sexy guy or gal with tattoos? Just look at the ever popular Suicide Girls and you will find a fan base who enjoy looking at pierced and tattooed female bodies.



tattoo guy

8. Retifism

Retifism, or simply shoe fetishism is actually rather a typical sexual fetish in guys that has been portrayed in films and Television. Recall that SATC episode where Charlotte acquired free shoes simply for trying some shoes on for the sales rep? Many footwear fetishists possess an appreciation for higher heels and are usually attracted to particular characteristics like the elevation of the back heel.

shoe fetishism

9. Podophilia

Podophilia, which is also related to a foot fetishism or even foot worship may well seem comparable to a footwear fetish, but it is not. While each of those sexual fetishes happen to be more typical in guys, podophilia is a proclaimed sexual fascination in feet and regions of interest range from feet treatment, overall look of toes and feet to smell and tactile interaction like licking or smelling feet.

foot fetish

10. Trichophilia

Trichophilia is the sexual fetish where the individual is aroused by hair, generally hair on the head but may include upper body hair or even other hair on the overall body. This erotic fetish is typical in both guys and girls. For instance, guys might like the feel of longer, silky hair on their body and a female may possibly enjoy the feeling of a man’s stubble. Do you believe you may well be a trichophiliac?


11. Underwear Fetishism

Getting an underwear fetish is not referring to being the owner of tons of undergarments and lingerie which we unquestionably are guilty of! This erotic fetish concentrates on observing or touching undergarments like knickers, pantyhose, bras and specific materials. If your companion likes to view you put on or take off underwear, there may possibly be some simple fetishism going on!

So ladies, the next time that you consider that your typical fetish could be a little strange, why not have a glance at this checklist? This listing is made up of the leading 11 typical fetishes that really aren’t that strange and you should not be scared to acknowledge that you have. So ladies, what fetishes do you have? Any of them detailed here?

under wear fetish




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