women shaving private parts

women shaving private parts

Women shaving private parts – The best way to shave We both personally love to shave or trim our pubic hair. So you can say women shaving private parts is a good thing. It provides a good clean view to our love parts and offers a fresh smooth feel that looks great. While […]

by June 19, 2013
tips giving oral sex

Tips giving oral sex

  Tips giving oral sex – We all should know how to give good head. Learn some important tips giving oral sex, firstly what is oral sex? Wikipedia defines “Oral Sex as a sexual act which focuses on the enlivenment of your sex companions gonads. This performed using ones mouth, teeth, […]

by June 17, 2013
Just one of the many available options at our favourite spicy lingerie stores

Spicy Lingerie Stores

Spicy Lingerie Stores – Are you looking to spice things up? Nothing pleases my husband more than a little something from one of my favorite spicy lingerie stores. He is always wanting me to wear a hot little number when we are getting down for some action. Although I know […]

by June 16, 2013
Is sex good for you?

Is sex good for you?

 Is sex good for you? – The ten reasons why sex might just be great for your health Many of you asked is sex good for you? If you thought you had an excuse to get out of sex, then here are ten good reasons why you should be enjoying sex for […]

by June 13, 2013