Make More of Your Sex Life With Restraints

Make More of Your Sex Life With Restraints


Experimenting with the new sensations and stimulation is fun, and it brings a unique twist to sex. It is not surprising that restraints for sex have become so popular, due to the increasing amount of novels relating to bondage and BDSM. If you are someone who loves to try new things and want to experience new sensations, there is no better way to get started than by using restraints.

At first it may be tough to get started, and might even feel awkward but with practice you will become more and more comfortable. With restraints you need to have one person who is ok with the idea of being submissive. That person will not be able to move some or all of their body so trust is very important with bondage use. The restraints that are available for women usually offer more power to the men, however, there are a few choices life handcuffs and rope which offer the ability for women to hold the power.  Regardless of who holds the power, when you are handcuffed with restraints or even a scarf, you can rest assured that it will be a fun time.

How to get started: If you and your partner first starting out with restraints, talk with your partner and find out which types of materials he or she would prefer for their restrains. Restraints are made from a variety of different materials such as faux fur, leather, and even steel. Also, rather than going for restraints that completely bind you, you can start out small with bondage kits that let you use just the wrist cuffs or ankle cuffs. Although it may seem silly, be sure to have a safe word. A safe word is a word that you wouldn’t normally use in conversation, but you would use this word is things are getting too intense and you want your partner to stop. Initially the restraints can be quite intimidating, but if you both share trust and confidence, the passion will make you forget your worries

How to get ahead: Once you are comfortable enough, the next step is to look for more interesting kinds of restraints, including swings, bed restraints and lot more. Slave collars, steel cuffs and ice locks are worth a try as well, provided you both are comfortable enough to delve that far into bondage.

What to remember: Keep in mind that sex with restraints for women and men aren’t everyone’s idea of perfect sex, and both the partners need to share a common view on bondage and restraints. Thankfully, there are many types of restraints that you can find for men and women that can satisfy any comfort level.

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